Our Fall Bucket List

My most favorite season is just around the corner! I’m anxiously awaiting the Autumn Equinox on September 22nd, and I’m hoping the weather is cool enough that we can enjoy a bonfire to welcome in the autumn season! Now that Charlie is a little older this fall, I’m hoping we can enjoy some fun fall … Continue reading Our Fall Bucket List


What I Learned My First Year As A Mother

Disclaimer: Yes, this post is uh, three months late, but yet here it is! I read the books. Okay,  I skimmed them and read the parts I thought would be relevant. I took the birthing and parenting class. I listened to the advice given those nine months. I prepared the nursery, bought the supplies and … Continue reading What I Learned My First Year As A Mother


There seems to be new followers popping up over here so I wanted to take a minute to welcome you to The Bee's Knee! Welcome! I'm a twenty-something Mama of one almost one-year old human and one almost five-year old Labradoodle. (There birthdays are 5 days apart!) I'm married to my best friend and we … Continue reading hello